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VIVID believe in finding creative, affordable solutions that work for your business. We try to keep things simple and work closely with you to develop only the best marketing communications tools you need to achieve your objectives. Digital plays a major role in today's marketing mix and VIVID is expert in exploiting the many possibilities this medium offers - but we never lose sight of the tried and tested conventional media. Corporate, social and networking events can generate enduring, profitable business relationships and we have a years of experience in designing and producing outstanding live events.

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VIDEOSNACKS offer quick, byte-sized video communications that grab attention and get the point across in seconds. Made for digital and social media VIDEOSNACKS are tight, custom built and packaged up ready to deliver the message and get a response from busy people who want information fast and tasty. And with budget prices that can cost you just a few pence per click...surely food for thought?


Building a strong and effective Digital or Conventional Media Marketing Platform, particularly for smaller businesses can be easier said than done. VIVID will help your business prosper by creating a solid plan, content calendars and to create unique, highly shareable, valuable content. This can be communicated across all the media channels be they internet or non-internet.